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Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers / FKK Animal Rescue is a foundation based in Kralendijk, Bonaire on the Flor di Cuba 40 and has been in the Chamber of Commerce of Bonaire since 20-05-2014 (registered under Case No. 2422 / MK).

The main objectives of the Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers are:

  • The care and recovery and (re) socialization of especially (stray) dogs and (stray) cats
  • The care and recovery and rehabilitation of dogs and cats seized by the Animal Protection of Bonaire. These seizures are usually the result of neglect and / or (serious) abuse of the animals in question.
  • Replacing animals brought to the Foundation in a loving, caring and safe environment.
  • Maintaining contact after relocation of animals with the new 'owners' to keep alertness of living conditions and thereby the well-being of the animal.
  • Providing accommodation to dogs and cats which, by circumstances, are not to be repositioned. The foundation's 'non-killing' policy allows these animals at Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers to be in a caring environment for their remaining years.

The problem with stray dogs and cats and neglected and / or abused dogs and cats is unfortunately evident and visible on Bonaire. With the cooperation with the Animal Protection of Bonaire, the Animal Assistance Foundation of Bonaire and the police and fire department of Bonaire, Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers  can take in more and more animals.

With all these projects, we are happy to be guided by some great Dutch animal organizations such as the Dierenlot Foundation, the Foundation for the Worthy Animal and the Animal Assistance Foundation.

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