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As we donot know from which location you will drive up to FKK, we have choosen for an ‘easy to be found’ starting point: v/d Tweel supermarket/AH (Kaya Industria)

  • At the end of Kaya Industria (here is Van den Tweel/AH to be found) at the roundabout, turn left and follow this road, called Kaya Nikiboko Zuid.
  • First roundabout go straight ahead.
  • Second roundabout (Church at the right side) turn right and keep right up the Kaya Nikiboko Noord.
  • Follow this road all the way straight ahead. At the end, this paved road turns into a dirt road.
  • Continue to follow this dirt road, on the right side you will see once and a while reference signs pointing towards our location with the inscription ' KAKELVERS'. Please note: Now you are driving really in the 'Knuk'!
  • After app. 2 km. you will pass a kind of sports field on the right side of the dirt road.
  • After app. 400 m turn right (you are now driving along a junkyard / company for truck-parts)
  • After following this 'road', app. 500 mtr. on your left side you will find FKK Animal Rescue.

For your information: F.K.K. is the first location here, so it can't be missed. In case you still would like some help, please call us at 00599 780 8020.

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For donations in any form, big or small ..... they are always welcome and appriciated!

becoming a volunteer

There is no single foundation that you can think of without volunteers, and we are no exception.


Sponsors are for FKK Animal Rescue very important and it does not matter whether it's large or small sponsors without them we could not do our job!