There are currently 70 dogs and 40 cats staying at FKK Animal Rescue. Almost all of these sweethearts cam to us in dire need of care. Fortunately, almost all of the cats and dogs have been able to recover with us (partly thanks to the indispensable efforts of our volunteers); gaining their trust in human beings and (most important) finding a new safe and loing new home  through FKK Animal Rescue and  our volunteers.

In addition, we also have a few dogs and cats that we feel can "let them stay, let them enjoy their time". Surely they also would benefit from a loving home with care takers that can offer them all the attention that they deserve! We give these animals the same respect and love by adhering to our non-kill policy. But we really have a lot of surprisingly sweet cats and dogs that are all set to make their entry into their new loving environment, and that loving environment you may have to offer! Therefore, take a look under 'animals' in the menu bar via the 'for adoption' button. Your heart will definitely melt!

But do we only focus on cats and dogs? YES and NO!

Of course, the shelter at FKK Animal Rescue is mainly aimed at the care of cats and dog however,  It has become more frequent that we respond to a call about a wounded Flamingo, or an owl that could no longer fly. Responding to calls for Donkeys and Goats also get the attention of FKK Animal Rescue, everytime!

We know which foundation or agency that needs to be contacted in order to render the needed service to the animal in question.In addition, we have a wonderful Animal Rescue Ambulance (available from the Dierenlot Foundation in the Netherlands). And so we also know that these animals will be brought to the right place for their further rescue and recovery. The mutual cooperation ....... which is priceless; and in the context of animal welfare, so obviously indispensable! That's why, from FKK Animal Rescue have a deep respect for the mutual cooperation with our colleagues and of course for your non-profit work!

Our credo?

The protection of  animals ... brings us humans back to our civility!

It is our duty to protect the animals that are dependent on us to survive.

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There is no single foundation that you can think of without volunteers, and we are no exception.


Sponsors are for FKK Animal Rescue very important and it does not matter whether it's large or small sponsors without them we could not do our job!