A couple of months ago Masha came in with her 6 pups!

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bon dia,
today we want to put this sweet girl in the spotlight as a dog of the week.
This is Nora, Nora is a female of about 1 year old, she was found at the Light house beach about 6 months ago. Nora has been neutered.

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Chance for dog with disability

This afternoon, with KLM our ' Stumper ' left with a one-way ticket to the Netherlands. There, a new warm home is waiting for him! And Stumper earned it! This whopper came to FKK Animal Rescue, after left behind for dead due to a collision. But Stumper turned out to be a true fighter! Despite his injuries, making even one of its hind legs had to be dropped off, he came back completely on top!

And now Stumper makes the THE journey of his life, with a new name as well: Stima (love)!
Its new owners are already eager to take him in their arms tomorrow morning at Schiphol - Amsterdam and to acquaint him with his new golden spot; a place full of love, security and care.

Something like this is no doubt one of those reasons where FKK Animal Rescue and all of our enthusiastic and caring volunteers (thank you all!) stand for:
taking care of all our animals and working with them to that very special moment when our animals can start with their 'travel of a lifetime' direct to their new life, filled with love, security and warmness.
We are all very proud! Stima, good luck to you, ayo!

PS: the dog pictured is Stima! The sweet lady next to him is his flight leader. She also has already adopted a dog of FKK Animal Rescue, which has a delicious new ' home ' in Netherlands right now. Nice eh?

Bon wikent all, enjoy your pets!

FKK Animal Rescue Team.

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