bon dia,
today we want to put this sweet girl in the spotlight as a dog of the week.
This is Nora, Nora is a female of about 1 year old, she was found at the Light house beach about 6 months ago. Nora has been neutered.

As you can see, Nora is a very nice lady, slim, is good in her fur, she is sweet but very shy to strangers. Nora is afraid of men, something has happened in her past that makes her anxious now. Peter can now approach and quote her, so with a lot of patience and love you come a long way. Nora can not handle any dog ​​or cat, a house without other pets would be fine for Nora. She is on guard at her own property, a house with garden would be ideal! Who wants to spend time in this beautiful, gentle girl, you will not regret it!

Who wants to know is welcome to visit Fundashon Kunuku Kakelverswaar where the coffee is always ready!
Do you live in the Netherlands and would you like to know more about Nora? Send a message to Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers.

The adoption costs on Bonaire are $ 65, - He / she is then vaccinated, chipped and castrated (in dogs from a month or 7)
Do you live in the Netherlands and do you think this could be a dog for you? Which can! We ensure that he / she receives the right vaccinations and a health certificate from the veterinarian. We arrange the flight and you can pick him up at Schiphol. Of course, there are some extra costs involved. For more information please send a private message via the page of Dog adoption bonaire or Fundashon Kunuku Cattle in which the dog is currently located. You can also send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +599 780 8020

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