Rules for adoption

No matter with how much love we take care of our cats and dogs, we would like them to get a home of their own even more! However, to protect the animals and prevent disappointment for the new owner, a few rules are in place.

First of all, animals can only be adopted when they are fully healthy (again). At the moment of adoption the animals will have received all necessary shots and they will be chipped. Once they have the appropriate age (dogs about 7 months and cats about 6 months), the animal will be spayed or neutered. If the animal is adopted at a younger age, it will be the responsibility for the new owner to take care of this.

To raise the odds for the adoption to become a succes, we prefer you to take a little extra time to get acquainted with the animal. Usually you can not just stop by and take an animal home right away. Just bring us a visit, coffee will be ready and together we will consider your best options, after that we will take a look at the cats or dogs. Back home you can take some time to reconsider your choice. If you are still convinced of your choice after that, you can come pick up a cat.
In case you choose a dog, you can come pick him up for a day and/or weekend-visit in your house. That way you will get to know the dog better and see how he behaves in your own environment, because that may be different than his behavior in our shelter. Besides that you will find out whether all family members (other pets included) have the necessary match with the dog. If all goes well, you can keep the dog and we can arrange the necessary paperwork for the adoption. 

The costs for a dog are 75 dollar and a cat is 65 dollar.

If you don't live on Bonaire, but you totally fall in love with one of our animals... it might be an option to adopt the animal anyway, please contact us for more information. 


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