Power-woman Masha

A couple of months ago Masha came in with her 6 pups!

Kakelvers was called because 3 puppys were roaming around the street. After some searching mommy and 3 more pups were found in a garden. The owner agreed that it would be best to take this cute family to our shelter, so that is what we did. Thanks to Mashas great care and protection, the pups are grown now and it is time we find a new home for them. 

Masha is a healthy lady of about 3 and a half years old, she is neutered now. She is very kind and loves to cuddle, she doesn't hesitate to come over to you and make sure she gets her hugs. Masha is a very strong dog, with a strong character, therefore she really needs a strong owner who can handle her. She protects the ones she loves.
Masha is fine with other dogs, not with cats. If she wants to, she can climb fences. 

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