becoming a volunteer

There is no single foundation that you can think of without volunteers, and we are no exception.

That's why we would like to reach out to our readers and ask the following: Do you like animals, do you like to give animals warmth and love ? Caring for another being and enjoying their respond to you as a caretaker? Then you are the volunteer that we are looking for!

But it should be fun if you want to invest some time with FKK Animal Rescue as a volunteer / volunteer. We do all the maintenance of the kennels ourselves and we also ensure that the compound is up to sanitary standards and hygiene regulations.

What does it mean to be a volunteer at FKK Animal Rescue? Well it’s simple. At our rescue, it is all about our animals.

Having fun with the dogs and cats, picking them up and giving them confidence in people. All daily activities that include but are not limited to, the following: Teaching them how  to walk on a leash, brushing and caring for their coats , giving them cooling showers . Taking them on trips to the beach, so they can jump, run, swim and do what they do best – having a good time , while involving us humans in their play!  And you can play a big role in this as a volunteer.

And with all the love and play that we can offer, we also offer life saving services to the animals in dire need. Working directly with the Animal Ambulance , we are at the scene – ready to help and assist. Even in cases with amputation and other life threatening cases.

Of course, we have contacts with the government, we have own portfolios and the ever-recognizable bright vests that state Animal Rescue are out to help and on patrol. And you as a volunteer can also be part of these rescue missions. Of course, FKK Animal Rescue is always responsible, but these are challenges that can make the volunteer work really enjoyable. And then thanks to all this cooperation , you can help save a helpless animal, ...... that proud feeling is really the reward of your work! You've worked for that rescue!
The cats and dogs that are living with us now look forward to meeting you! Are you on board?
For more information, please contact Peter - tel. (+599) 780 8020.

become a donor

For donations in any form, big or small ..... they are always welcome and appriciated!

becoming a volunteer

There is no single foundation that you can think of without volunteers, and we are no exception.


Sponsors are for FKK Animal Rescue very important and it does not matter whether it's large or small sponsors without them we could not do our job!