Work at the kennels

Finally everything is delivered today at FKK Animal Rescue: kennelenelen, quarantine-lofts, roof plates ...... everything is ready for the BIG final: the final realization of our second dog-kennelsnel, the cats-quarantine kennel and the washing place / dog- quarantine kennel!

Tomorrow the final run-off will start immediately at FKK; we are then ready to work with 18 (!) volunteers to build all these kennels with only one goal: the care, care and the relocation of the cats and dogs on Bonaire.

We are really more than wonderfully supported by Stichting Het Waardig Dier from the Netherlands, without their support we could only continue to dream of these possibilities from FKK Animal Rescue. Stichting De Waardig Dier made this all for us more than possible!

Team FKK Animal Rescue can only say one thing:

Stichting Het Waardig Dier and all our dear and always enthusiastic volunteers ....... Thank you for your great loving effort and help, especially on behalf of all the 'resident' cats and dogs!


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